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Radio Station The HeavyBag Show – Every Thursday 8-10pm (EST) Some of the Most Notable Legends, Deepest Interviews, Hottest Independent Artists & Battle Rappers, and on the Rise Entertainers.The HeavyBag Show airs every Thursday 8-10pm (EST). Your host is Heavybag! More Information

Notable Guests Include:

  • Kat Dahlia
  • Loaded Lux
  • Serius Jones
  • Shyheim the Rugged Child (Wu-Tang)
  • Arsonal Da Rebel

Contact Info for HeavyBag: Twitter | Instagram | Watch Previous Shows

The Secret – Every Sunday 7-9pm (EST) –Lies, relationship secrets, secrets about men and women, humorous topics, exposing the fake, acknowledging the real & more! The beautiful Ladies of the Secret show goes live every Sunday from 7-9pm (EST).

Notable Guests Include:

  • Chase Fetti (Asap Mob)
  • Kazzie
  • Tiffany Lewis (Love and Hip Hop NY)

Contact Info for The Secret: Twitter | Instagram | Watch Previous Shows

True Talk Sessions – Every Tuesday 10pm-12am (EST) – In Depth interviews with some of the most buzz worthy independent entertainers. Rah Grizzly gets the TRUTH every Tuesday 10pm-12am (EST).

True Talk Sessions Notable Guests Include:

  • Rockwilder
  • Ace Hood
  • Trips and Slim
  • Mysonne
  • Bully (Formerly of D-Block) & More!

Contact Info for True Talk Sessions: Twitter | Instagram | Watch Previous Shows

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