URLtv – Chess vs. Ave Lyrics

This battle was fire. It’s better than those involving your so called legends like lux and mook. I think we should now judge niggers based on their lyrical ability not how long they’ve been around or who started this shit. I wasted my money to go to summer madness 5 to see lux do personals instead of rapping n proving that his the goat or batter than clips. Shout out to chess n ave. Great battle. This what we should spend our money on. Ave’s the real shit, i hope he don’t become like clips n relax after killing a few top tiers. 2-1 to ave

Let me preface this by saying: this wasn’t fair to Chess. Ave had leftover bars for Magic he could build off of and Chess took this battle on two weeks notice. My opinion: bodybag. Ave 3-0, no debating to me, even if Chess would’ve had time to write for Ave, he probably still would’ve lost (although i don’t think it’d be a body). This is legitimately one of the greatest performances in battle rap history. Ave moved straight into top-tier with this one, good lord.

Nah. I finished it. Chess had some fire but he got thoroughly outbarred in every round. Like I said, just my opinion but this is the best performance by any battler this year. You know when people say “so & so left earth in the 1st/2nd/3rd round”,? Well, that was Ave in every round. Clear win for Ave, and imo, a bodybag. Chess just didn’t have enough to compete.


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