The 8 Best Non-Steroid Supplements: Safe Steroid Alternatives

best non-steroid supplements

Before figuring out what non-steroid supplements are, what kind of drugs they are and what their properties are, you need to understand the basics of anabolism and find out what anabolic drugs are in general. So, anabolism is a set of chemical processes that make up one of the sides of metabolism and are aimed at the development / formation of tissues and cells of a living organism. Steroids are chemicals, structures and products, under the influence of which this very anabolism passes, that is, anabolics are means that stimulate the process of formation / development of cells and certain tissues in the body.

Due to their properties, steroids and non-steroid supplements are able to accelerate protein synthesis, enhance and accelerate the formation and renewal of tissues, structural parts of cells and, of course, muscles. If we consider all this from a practical point of view, then for plants, for example, the main steroid is the sun, and for humans it is hormonal structures (androgens, gonadotropin, insulin, growth hormone), as well as nootropics, vitamins and even amino acids. That is, in fact, all substances that help the body to grow and develop can be considered anabolic.

Steroids vs Non-Steroid Supplements

As already noted, all anabolic drugs currently known to humans are divided into two types – these are steroids and non-steroid supplements, which will be for the most part devoted to this article, an abstract, if you like. Anabolic steroids became known back in the middle of the 20th century, when scientists managed to synthesize testosterone derivatives (this is the male sex hormone).

Initially, the main field of steroids was medicine, where these drugs were used to treat people and accelerate the anabolic processes involved in the development of the body. But soon, starting from the 50-60s, there was a demand for them in sports, especially in athletics and disciplines close to it.

Note that almost all anabolic steroids (non-steroid supplements – no) exhibit the effects and effects of natural testosterone. They powerfully and tangibly stimulate the development of muscle mass, the formation of proteins, an increase in strength and endurance. But at the same time, they can be characterized not only by positive, but also quite serious side effects, caused mainly by aromatization, toxicity or androgenic activity. By the way, anabolic steroids include drugs and drugs such as Methandienone, Nandrolone, Trenbolone and others.

In turn, non-steroid supplements are practically devoid of negative effects (they practically do not have side effects), but at the same time they are considered weaker and less effective. More specifically, their anabolic properties are not so pronounced, but they are not toxic, do not reduce the level of natural testosterone, do not cause acne and other abnormalities. For reference: the list of non-steroid supplements is as follows: vitamins, nootropics, insulin, herbal adaptogens, pituitary hormones, amino acids and actoprotectors.

It is also worth understanding that many natural products can and are anabolic. Grapefruit, for example, is still a non-steroidal, natural anabolic – it helps burn fat, promotes weight loss and increases some physical indicators. The most common garlic, on the other hand, can increase the secretion of testosterone (the main anabolic hormone), and herring can increase the content of creatine (creatine provides better transport of nutrients to the muscles and increases endurance).

By the way, another feature that separates steroid and non-steroid supplements is availability: the former is almost impossible to buy in regular pharmacology stores, while the latter are freely sold in the pharmacy and even dispensed without a prescription (not all, but many). However, for people familiar with the Internet, this seemingly negative trait inherent in anabolic steroids does not really matter. Indeed, on the Internet you can find an online store and order anabolic steroids from leading manufacturers.

Now we will move on to the most interesting, namely to the analysis of what non-steroid supplements are, what kind of drugs they are, what are their pros and cons. Not all will be described, but many, at least, we will try not to ignore the most popular non-steroid anabolic steroids.

top non-steroid supplements

The 8 Best Non-Steroid Supplements

1. Potassium Orotate

This metabolic agent, also known as Potassium orotate, can effectively stimulate endogenous biochemical processes. Structurally, Potassium orotate, on which the pharmacological drug of the same name is based, is the potassium salt of orotic acid (uracil-4-carboxylic acid). It is produced mainly in tablets of 0.5 gram, and is sold in almost all pharmacology stores, for example, without a prescription in pharmacies. In sports, it is popular for its anabolic effect, namely, because of its ability to increase strength and muscle strength. However, it is regrettable to admit that its effectiveness is much lower than that of steroid anabolic steroids with similar action.

Note that from a scientific point of view, Potassium orotate is a mineral salt that is found in the body of all living things on our planet (consists of potassium, which replaces a hydrogen atom, and orotic acid). Important: its properties and action play a significant role in the synthesis of RNA and DNA and the work of some systems of the human body.

Let’s also say that Potassium orotate, as a drug, began to be widely used only in the 70s of the 20th century. And all thanks to the fact that Dr. Hans Nieper was able to prove that this substance can provide a greater supply of potassium to cells and tissues. In general, Hans Nieper advocated the widespread use of Potassium orotate in the field of medicine, however, his ideas did not receive support due to the small evidence base.

What is the overall effect of Potassium orotate? Diverse, from strengthening the body to improving physical performance, however, the most beneficial for athletes are its effects such as increased endurance and accelerated recovery time (acceleration of regenerative processes).

Important: we will not tell you the instructions, but as a pharmacological preparation and medicine, Potassium orotate is useful mainly in childhood. Its use in sports is considered ineffective, its effectiveness and power is much lower than that of similar anabolic steroids.

What side effects can occur if you use Potassium orotate? Virtually none. This remedy is well tolerated by the body and does not cause harm even when taken for a long time in high doses. Only in isolated cases, for example, with individual intolerance, can there be rapidly passing allergic reactions and some other deviations.

potassium orotate non-steroid supplement

2. Leveton

This is a fairly popular and advertised dietary supplement, which, according to manufacturers, has an anabolic effect and a host of other beneficial effects. But is it really so? Let’s sort it out in order.

So, what does the instruction say, how can Leveton be useful and what are its properties? It is assumed that they are diverse, and most importantly, among them there are supposedly qualities that are incredibly important for athletes, for example:

  • Improving the function of the endocrine system (catabolic and anabolic functions of the body);
  • Stimulation, toning of the central nervous system (Leveton drug improves memory, learning process, and so on);
  • The process of controlling the formation and consumption of energy in muscles, kidneys, liver, brain, etc .;
  • Anabolic effect, which is best manifested with intense training;
  • Strengthening immunity (affects cellular and humoral immunity);
  • Prevention of the phenomenon of hypoxia, which is a frequent companion of intense physical work.

But what is it really? Does Leveton exhibit the claimed effect? Recently, it is believed that no. And here’s why: reviews say that it contains extremely ineffective components or effective components, but in a small concentration, insufficient to provide a proper positive effect on the athlete’s body.

By the way, Leveton has the following roster:

  • Firstly, the root of leuzea (contained in a low dose, moreover, does not have an anabolic effect or an effect that stimulates sexual function);
  • Secondly, ascorbic acid and Vitamin E (useful, but do not stand out in any way, since they are included not only in Leveton, but also in many other additives and preparations);
  • Thirdly, the bee colony (the evidence base is too small to assert the effectiveness of this component);
  • Fourthly, vitamins of group B, D, K and others, flavonoids, enzymes, beta-carotene, 20 amino acids, phytoncides and 28 microelements (extremely small doses that are not able to provide the necessary beneficial effect).

In conclusion, I would like to say that we do not undertake to claim that Leveton is a dummy. No. We are only expressing an opinion that has recently become popular on the Internet, an opinion based on fairly convincing facts. Perhaps someone will disagree with him. Let be. Each athlete will make the final conclusion for himself and decide whether he needs to buy the described product or not.

leveton non-steroid supplement

3. Inosine

This drug is a metabolic agent, a precursor of ATP, stimulating biochemical processes. The action of Inosine is to increase the energy balance, to improve cardiac circulation and metabolic processes in the myocardium. It also exhibits antihypoxic properties and has the following indications for use:

  • Use for CAD (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, etc.);
  • With cardiomyopathy and cardiac arrhythmias;
  • With myocardial dystrophy, with liver diseases;
  • With an open form of glaucoma, gastric and intestinal ulcers.

The effects, including those that will be useful in sports, the drug Inosine exhibits the following:

  • Anabolic effect, which stimulates metabolic processes;
  • Increasing the energy reserves and indicators of the athlete’s endurance;
  • Stimulation of nucleotide synthesis, enhancement of the activity of some enzymes;
  • Increasing the energy balance of the myocardium;
  • Improvement of metabolic processes and blood circulation in the myocardium;
  • Antihypoxic action.

And what does the instruction for use say, how to take the medicine Inosine (Riboxine) as efficiently as possible? In principle, there is nothing special in its reception. This drug is used inside before meals. The daily dose in sports is from 1.5 to 2.5 g. At the same time, it is best to start taking with low dosages in the region of 0.6-0.8 g, gradually increasing the volume. With good tolerance, the dosage of Inosine will eventually reach 2.5 g per day and will have the maximum possible positive effect (the recommended course duration is from 1 to 3 months).

Does Inosine have any contraindications for use that deliberately prohibit the use of its pills? There are, though there are few of them: gout, severe renal failure, hypersensitivity and individual intolerance. Also, do not forget that Inosine, when used for a long cycle, can exhibit not only positive properties, but also certain side effects: itching, allergic reactions, skin flushing and some others. In general, this drug is very well tolerated by the human body, therefore side effects occur only in rare cases.

inosine non-steroid supplement

4. Anastan

This pharmacological agent, Anastan, is a popular non-steroidal anabolic, widely advertised on the Internet and known both among experienced athletes and among beginners. Among the effects of the drug declared by the manufacturers are: an increase in muscle mass, an increase in endurance, a faster recovery of the body and many other equally useful improvements.

However, as it turned out in practice, Anastan is nothing more than a dummy, in reality it is absolutely not effective: its main component is ecdysterone, which, as the reviews say, and most importantly, what has been proven, does not have an anabolic effect. But let’s sort things out in order and see what effects should be, and what is in the end.

The effects and properties of Anastan declared by manufacturers are as follows:

  • A sharp, rapid and tangible increase in muscle mass (up to 7 kg per month);
  • Ensuring the fastest possible recovery after training;
  • A significant increase in the volume of endurance and energy;
  • Increase in the strength indicators of the athlete;
  • Absence of any harmful effects and side effects;
  • Recovery of physical form after injuries, illnesses, etc.

In fact, almost everything that Anastan’s instruction says is a lie. Indeed, in 2006, a study was carried out in which athletes took ecdysterone (the main component of this drug) and performed physical. exercises. His results were unambiguous – ecdysterone has no effect on muscle growth, or on increasing strength with endurance, or on body recovery. The only thing he does is not have a negative impact. The manufacturer didn’t lie here.

In addition, what side effects of Anastan, and even more positive, can occur if its tablets contain only 0.15 mg of ecdysterone, while the recommended daily dose of this substance is 500 mg. Conclusion, I think, you will make yourself.

In general, Anastan is a drug that is harmless to the human body, which, at the same time, is almost completely devoid of any positive effect. There is no point in buying it, just waste your money and regret, instead of muscle mass, you will gain.

anastan non-steroid supplement

5. Myoliberin

This is quite controversial from the point of view of the effectiveness and usefulness of anabolic steroid activity. From a practical point of view, Myoliberin is a dietary supplement from the manufacturer IQ-Sport, designed to gain lean muscle mass and is capable of blocking myostatin.

How do Myoliberin tablets (tablet candy) work and what properties do they exhibit? According to the creators, this remedy is based on a special “Myoliberin complex” (hence the name), designed to suppress the activity of myostatin. Blocking / inhibiting myostatin facilitates muscle gain and improves training efficiency. The mentioned “Myoliberin complex” consists of such components as peptides, plant extracts, creatine and antibodies. The combination of these components allows the athlete to get out of the genetic possibilities inherent in the activity of myostatin.

The authors also argue that the powerful growth of muscle mass, stimulated by the “Myoliberin complex”, requires additional nutrition of the body and strengthening of ligaments and joints, and their drug is able to effectively cope with this task. And all thanks to the fact that Myoliberin contains glucosamine. In addition, among the effects declared by the manufacturer, there are such improvements as strengthening the immune system (stimulating the immune system due to the combined action of the red brush and echinacea) and suspension of the negative effect of lactic acid. All this, as expected, guarantees, though not as violent as from steroids, but still a fairly stable and tangible increase in high-quality muscles and strength indicators.

But how are things really going? Can Myoliberin exhibit the effects indicated in the instructions? More likely no than yes. After all, not a single study has been conducted on facts confirming the effectiveness of the described tool and the compatibility of its components. There is only one article with clinical trials on the manufacturer’s website, however, its evidence base is not enough to judge the benefits of Myoliberin and say that these tablets are unequivocally effective in sports practice (the study conducted does not meet modern clinical standards: there is no placebo control, blind method and low production is observed).

myoliberin non-steroid supplement

6. Tribulus Terrestris

Like many other popular non-steroidal anabolics mentioned in this material, Tribulus Terrestris has very controversial reviews. Most of the effects claimed by manufacturers are contradicted by individual studies and buyers. However, despite this, the described drug is rapidly advancing in sports and is in enviable demand, in particular, it is very common in bodybuilding.

From a practical point of view, Tribulus Terrestris is a dietary supplement based on Tribulus Terrestris, however, recently, due to the ban of Tribulus, the composition of the drug has been seriously changed and now it is based on the following components:

  • Dry extract of hay fenugreek;
  • Powder of rhizomes of medicinal ginger;
  • Dry extract of Korean Horny Goat Weed;
  • Dry extract of Dioscorea.

Also, Tribulus Terrestris contains a variety of excipients, from calcium to lactose, which are used in tabletting and do not exhibit biological activity useful for the athlete and in general in sports.

The positive effects that, according to manufacturers, Tribulus Terrestris should show, are as follows:

  • An increase in the production, and, consequently, the level of testosterone;
  • Toning effect, useful for psychological and physical stress;
  • Increased libido and increased sexual activity;
  • Stimulation of spermatogenesis, an increase in the number of spermatozoa and an increase in their mobility;
  • Lowering cholesterol (lowering the concentration of low density lipoprotein).

Now let’s clarify how to take Tribulus Terrestris tablets, as the instructions for use say. Everything is simple enough. It is necessary to use this drug for three full weeks according to the scheme of increasing dosages – starting with two and ending with ten tablets per day (tablets are distributed in 2-3 doses per day). It is best to use it during meals, so you will achieve the maximum possible biological activity.

If such a cycle of Tribulus Terrestris is not enough for you, then its duration can be extended to 5 weeks with an increase in the maximum dosage to 20 tablets per day. In any case, no matter what regimen you choose, it is very important to take a break after the cycle, then you can repeat it.

At the same time, do not be afraid that the drug Tribulus Terrestris will harm your health, because during its administration, there are practically no side effects. These or those deviations can occur only with serious overdoses and in the case of individual intolerance, in general, this happens extremely rarely.

tribulus terrestris non-steroid supplement

7. Methyluracil

Methyluracil is a synthetic pyrimidine derivative found in all cellular DNA and RNA (genetic material of cells). It can be found in the composition of the cell nucleus in all living organisms on Earth. This is scientifically speaking.

From the point of view of practice, Methyluracil is a fairly popular, both in sports and beyond, a pharmacological preparation, the tablets of which can be bought by practitioners in any pharmacy (also common forms of release are suppositories and 10% ointments sold freely in pharmacology stores).

How do Methyluracil tablets work and what are their pharmacological properties? Variety. Firstly, this drug can accelerate cell division (mainly of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and skin), as a result of which the body’s regenerative abilities increase. Secondly, it can have a regenerating effect, therefore it is often used in medicine as a remedy for healing burns, ulcers, wounds, and so on.

Thirdly, the drug Methyluracil in tablets has an anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to strengthen the body’s immune defenses. And fourthly, it is believed that this drug, when used in bodybuilding, can exhibit anabolic effects. However, as practice shows, and the reviews say, the Methyluracil drug is not able to exert the proper effect, expressed in the growth of muscle mass or in an increase in strength indicators. Almost all athletes who decide to use it in sports report the low effectiveness of the tablets.

In general, Methyluracil began to be in demand in sports spontaneously. This happened after the article by Yuri Bulanov was published, in which the author described this drug as a means with an anabolic effect. Studies, of course, have not been carried out to support this theory, therefore the effectiveness and usefulness of the described drug as a sports auxiliary drug is in great doubt.

If you still want to use Methyluracil tablets and test their qualities yourself, in order to make sure that Yuri Bulanov’s words are correct or, conversely, that they are wrong, then you should know that this drug is usually used after eating 1-2 tablets from 3 to 6 times a day. In addition, the instructions for use of Methyluracil will not tell you this, but to increase its effectiveness, it can be combined with ATP, already described by potassium orotate, with adaptogens and some other agents potentially useful in sports.

methyluracil non-steroid supplement

8. Silodrol

The last mentioned and described by us anabolic of non-steroidal action will be the drug Silodrol, which is produced by the company that gave the world such a “wonderful” remedy as Anastan. This new supplement is being presented as an effective myostatin inhibitor, purportedly endowed with anabolic effects. However, in fact, it does not show the declared effects. Are you surprised? But we are not, because Anastan also could not boast of either usefulness in sports, or effectiveness as a medicine.

Now in more detail. Silodrol has replaced Anastan, which has finally sunk in the eyes of athletes and has long been taken seriously by no one. It is worth noting that this new and supposedly more perfect product is not a drug, unlike many other non-steroidal anabolic steroids, it is produced and distributed under the guise of a dietary supplement. Therefore, manufacturers were not required to confirm its effectiveness. That is, Silodrol tablets / capsules have entered the pharmacology market without confirmation of the usefulness of their effects.

To see the dummy hiding under the name Silodrol is quite simple, for this you just need to study the composition of the drug. Its main component is an extract of the plant Cystoseira canariensis, which is not endowed with any action, useful or at least potentially beneficial for the athlete. Also, the preparation is based on all kinds of useless fillers, pollen and pomace.

By the way, the uselessness of Cystoseira canariensis as a component of sports nutrition has been scientifically proven as a result of researchers. This is not our invention in an attempt to tarnish the drug Silodrol, but an indisputable fact. These studies were carried out by a professor at the US Institute of National Health in Ohio, and the result was unambiguous: the addition of Cystoseira canariensis to the composition of sports products is nothing more than a publicity stunt, since this supplement is not endowed with qualities useful in sports. Even at a dosage 50 times the recommended dose, it is not able to have the proper positive effect on the development of muscle mass or increase in strength.

Other experiments were carried out on this topic, the results of which can be found on the Internet (in short, all researchers came to the same conclusion – Cystoseira canariensis extract is practically useless in sports).

So not only Silodrol tablets (more precisely capsules), but also some other auxiliary products, the main useful ingredient of which is Cystoseira canariensis, do not deserve the attention of athletes. Be careful and don’t be fooled.

silodrol non-steroid supplement

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