15 Minutes of Fame Radio – Company Bio

It’s saturated…watered down at times. The media/entertainment industry is this hodge-podge of talented and talentless people who just want that chance…that “15 minutes of fame” to prove they’re worthy.

It’s how 15 Minutes of Fame CEO Wil “Unkle Ra Ra” Guarino felt, as he discussed his vision with one of his closest friends. Being an artist himself, Unkle Ra was well aware of the struggle starving artists face each day, as they hustle hard to gain exposure. With this in mind, he and his partner decided to give back to the artist and create a platform for them to be seen and heard. Thus began the birth of 15 Minutes Fame Radio. The concept turned to life became a place for artists to call home.

What is 15 Minutes of Fame Radio? The first REAL outlet for independent artists. They have one golden rule: they DO NOT play mainstream music, UNLESS that particular artist shares their values and promotes their mission. With the millions of talented artists looking to showcase their work, the 15 MOFE team believes that EVERY artist is entitled to their fair shot at showcasing their talents; allowing the world to decide if their music is worthy, not the radio hosts or the DJs. They’ve given the power back to the listener, because it is the listener who will invest in the talents of the artist. It is why 15 MOFE was created. These are the principles they represent and what they stand by.

Two years ago, 15 Minutes of Fame Radio started with one live show and is now running over 7 live shows per week, covering various topics which include: Sports, Battle Rap, Adult entertainment, community leadership, comedy, and more! Their biggest highlight is their 24 hour station featuring segments of different DJ’s and entertainers from across the globe. With the expansion of the brand to include a media website – hosting all 7 or more of its shows – it has made 15 Minutes of Fame Radio the most important online station for independent entertainers globally!

During their expansion, 15 MOFE recognized a larger pool of independent creatives who needed exposure. With such an increasing group outside of the music genre, they currently utilize their stations as media outlets for authors, designers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, organizations and much more. This enables them to use their voice to help those people get their message out to the masses.

15 Minutes of Fame has had the opportunity to have notable figures (independent and mainstream) grace their airwaves. These people include: Battle Rappers Arsonal Da Rebel, Loaded Lux, Tsu Surf, Serius Jones, Smack White (URL Battle League Owner, Former Pro Boxer Chuck Wepner, Former NBA Player Luther Wright, Erica (Bad Girls Club Season 8), Ace Hood, Kat Dahlia, DJ Khaled, Redman, Knoc’turnal, Shyheim Da Rugged Child (Wu-Tang), Black Rob, Naughty by Nature, L.A. Sunshine (Treacherous Three), Mike C (Fearless Four), Rockwilder (Platinum Producer).

We’ll give you 15 Minutes of Fame, what you do with it is up to you!

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